01 May 1999

Another "post-Donington" concert...no,not cause Donington was held a short time before it (actually it was Donington 96,I'm referring to...),what I mean is that tonite I got to see another of the bands that I had seen at that great Donington festival.Back then,3 Colours Red were just a new-born band,with only a single out ("This is my Hollywood"),but I loved that song SO much!And now they've got fame and fortune,and they're finally touring Italy!!!
I dressed up with the Donington t-shirt and it was a winning move...when I got into the club,Chris spotted me and walked up to me and congratulated on the cool t-shirt and said he could not believe someonoe in Italy had been inot the band for such a long time!Then he called out the whole band!!!I mean...WOW!They were all touching the t-shirt and giggling,I bet every girl on earth would have liked to be me!!! :-)
We talked a lot and I also made friends with their great t-shirt seller,Dave.Hello Dave!
Apart from these mundane happenings (cool mundane happenings actually!),when they got onstage they kicked ass,and that's all I ask for to a band!!!Thumbs up to 3CR!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Here's how the band looked like onstage,from left to right:Ben Harding at the guitar,Pete Vuckovic singing and playing the bass,and Chris McCormack playing the guitar,too.Sadly dummer Keith Baxter was not taken on pics.Ahhh,the hard life of drummers...

Pete Vuckovic sweating it all out!

Chris McCormack.For those of you thinking that they've already heard that name,maybe you're familiar with his brother,Danny McCormack,mighty bassist of the Wildhearts.Good music is in their genes,probably...

Cool "action" pic of Pete and Chris!I think (hope) it makes the "stage feeling" transpire!They were giving their best for us!

Chris again.He acted like a real rockstar,the way he moved onstage was really really great,we need more people like him in this sad '90s grunge world!

...and Chris again.Sorry for all the pics of him,but he kept moving a lot every time I was clicking for a shoot,so I thought all the pics would come across fuzzy.Instead they didn't...well,so girls can stare at his beautiful self better,I guess! :-)

A pic taken before the show...wow!Chris is wearing a great t-shirt!If you don't know what "Sniffin' glue" is,you'd better look at your punk rock rulebook under the name "First fanzine ever"... :-)

Me between Pete and Ben.Pete had just had a new tatto done,since the tribal on his arm was covered in vaseline!

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