15 July 1997

Alice is God,so what else can I say?I travelled 500 miles to go see him,but so what?Gave s the best show on earth and the finest music,too.I may make a sidenote saying that the supporting band,Timoria,were a bunch of posers and bored the crap out of me...But,they were easily forgotten,after Alice got onstage!And,yeah,the pick you see up there,I managed to grab it when his guitarist threw it!Wow!

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The ticket!

Alice:welcome to his nightmare...
He's our guide into his own world of freaks...we really needed a sideshow!
Desperado.He actually wrote this song for Jim Morrison,and then he didn't use it.Pity,cause it would have easily been the best Doors song ever...
Great shirt,great trousers.
Here's Alice doing the Trash
This was just seconds before Alice broke his cane on the GutterCats' heads,and killed them all.Go for it,Vincent!
Unluckily,shortly after,he was institutionalized...everyone was yelling at the medics,but Alice was the one laughing,when he broke free and killed them all...
Here he is,back at singing!
Reb Beach,mighty guitarist!
Alice wants to be elected-and to do this,he broke these huge balloons full of confetti and CooperDollars...he knows how to win his public...

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