20 November 2000

I won a ticket to this show! Am I lucky or what? I had some doubts about it, at first, but then I went there and was completely pleased. Don't be fooled by the Ross Robinson/Slipknot connection: this band is FOR REAL. They know how to put up a show and play instruments til they drop. All kudos to them. There was just one fault to this all: the show only lasted 40 minutes! It's too little... an appetizer for my music hunger! :-(

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Casey Chaos is a real frontman. He sings like a possessed man, and likes climbing on top of high speakers and jumping off them. See him singing on top of one of the speakers right now.
The "strings" section of the band: from left, you can see Paul Fig at guitars (a rock god!), John Tumor at the bass (he pulled some of the funniest faces ever while playing, he was really into it!) and Sonny Mayo (ex-Snot). And if you look close enough, you'll also see Casey laying at the edge of the stage, singing in the face of a lucky fan.
Casey calling up for a riot.
One of the best pictures I've ever taken. Casey jumping off the speaker, a split second before crashing onto the drumkit, and all around him the band going mental on their instruments. Keep flying Casey!
Me and Casey and Paul. They are really down-to-earth people. Casey would sign anything thrown at him and was among the audience as soon as the band finished playing. And Paul offered me a guitar lesson after I told him that in my opinion he's the best guy in the band (hey I really think that, you should see him moving onstage and playing off!). Keep it real people, that's the only way to be.

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