01 May 2001

I "met" Erik Lannon, drummer of American Heartbreak, on a mailing list. Namely, the excellent Wildhearts Mailing list, and his band is hugely influenced by the 'hearts. I bought their cd (Postcards from Hell) and was VERY impressed, but I thought I'd never had the chance to see them live. Instead, I'd better never say never. And lo and behold, the band came on a full Italian tour, stopping by at Milan and drawing quite a large crowd. the evening was excellent and all the guys in the band very friendly. And a few months later I realized I had even bought some stuff off Michael Butler (bass) from Ebay... cool!
So, big CHEERS to them, and in their own words: "Let us drink to the assholes, drink to the scum / drink to the motherfuckers, let's drink to YOU!".

American Heartbreak official site:

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

So here is the band: Lance Boone sings, Michael butler plays the bass, Erik Lannon is at the drums and Adam X at the guitar. Actually there's a fifth member, not shown in this pic, he's Billy Rowe and he plays the guitar too. is Billy indeed, striking rockstar poses with his guitar.
More guitar bashing from Billy! Go, man!
Michael takes care of backing vocals and he is often busy with it, cause American Heartbreak have huge choruses all the time... gotta love them!
I finally get to meet Erik! Wow!!! he is so much fun to chat with. A real buddy!
Here is two great buddies too: Brina and Nick Barolo, who drove a long way to come see the show. Bottoms up, guys (and gal!)! Oh, and they say Erik looks a lot like Wayne off Wayne's world. What do you think of it?

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