08 August 2001

Ahhh... the first time I was seeing AntiProduct headline, after the blinding show with the Wildhearts in London. Was pure pleasure, actually. Drove to this small town, Harlow, with my two travel-mates Gabriele and Lorenzo, met up with loads and loads of very nice APRA members who knew who I was (while I regretfully didn't know all of their names beforehand... guess this is the life of a rockstar...), met up with my mate Marie, and finally met up with the band too. And all this even before the show had begun! Then the live set was excellent and I could savour what the real deal with the band is - ROCK AND ROLL! Keep on, Antiproduct!
- by Paolo - APRA #113 (media sabotage)

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Being a clever guy, I positioned myself under the stage at the feet of Milena Yum. Seeing her pretty clothes, you'll understand why! When you've stopped staring, you can see Simon playing the drums in his great day-glow makeup and Alex singing and showcasing a body full of arrows...
Another one of Milena, just because...
Now I stepped back to enjoy the full-on mayhem of AntiPogo, which is natural during songs like Psychedelic Girlfriend or Be My Supergirl.
The main man himself! Alex Kane seen closeup, wide grin included.
Alex EVEN MORE closeup! Ok, that's scary now!
After the show, the band was hanging around... here's me, The Gonk, Gabriele and Marie.
Simon asked us to take this photo like this, cause he wanted to make even more fun of me and Ga being so short compared to the two tall rockstars behind us. I cried myself to sleep that night, due to my being vertically challenged... NOT! Lol.
What helped me get a smile back on my face was taking a pic like this, between the two wonderful merchandise-girls of the evening: LouLou and Ila.
Then I finally managed to meet Clare: sadly, I admit this is not our best pic ever...
And this is the ultimate meet-up photo, among so many APRA members that I can't remember all the names. The important one is the smiling guy in the middle: he is the mighty IAN THE TUN of fame. All hail his cd deliveries! And all the others... I love you too, don't worry! It'd just take me ages to write down all your names, but you know who you are. Hope to see you all again soon!

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