7-8 June 2002

And so the story goes like this: at the end of year 2001 the editor of my magazine (Metal Shock, leading Italian metal mag!) tells me he trusts me enough to interview any band that I like, so I immediately get in touch with Alex Kane and ask him for an interview. I do it through email, with Clare too, and it came out in all its 4-page glory in the January issue of the magazine (you can read an online version in English by clicking here. And after a couple of weeks, Clare announces to the Antiproduct Mailing List that the band is booked for the Gods of Metal festival here in Italy. Incredible! Antiproduct! In Italy! And they thank me! How's that for an ego trip? Nah it was just joy and happiness... i am an egomaniac with no ego, you know that! I was glad cause the Festival (starring Manowar, Slayer, Blind Guardian, Doro and any other power metal band you can think of) is held right in my hometown, Monza. I could feel like an Englishperson, going out and seeing AntiProduct and then going back home by bedtime (5 am) instead of having to get on a plane to come back...

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The band got to Milan the day before the show, and Gabriele (head of Decibel Records) set them up for a few interviews before the fun would begin. Or are the interviews part of the fun? So, here you can see Alex being interview for top italian rock radio Rock Fm. See him in the padded room!
Marina Metallina was there for the interview too, but she didn't say much... despite she is Italian!!! Yeah, she replaced Toshi when he left, and Italy is so proud of her! Aren't we? :-)
On the right-side of the pic, you see the interviewing Dj, Nicola. Great guy!
After the interview, we joined in with the rest of the band+their great tour manager and guitar techs, and went for a beer. On the way to the bar (that's how "pubs" are called in Italy!), the band ran over and was amazed by the "tram-rails" (which is a bus that runs on electricity, so has rails and wires on top), and I took a pic of them standing on one of the tram tracks. Everyone looks like a star here. A band on the loose! :)
Then this photo shows them playing live at the Gods of Metal festival on June 8th. They were bottled but Alex kept saying he wanted more and more violence... until they started throwing bits of the football pitch over the stage, which was a fun thing to watch. The band says they had a great time, and bottles and grass were not a problem. And admittedly, after their show they were the ONLY band to walk around the venue,and they couldn't walk 100 metres without being stopped and chatted to, thanked for the show and apologized to in behalf of the other "uncivilized italian metalheads only there for Slayer". Which was nice!
Some of you might remember that at the Anti-Product raffle 2001 (the one linked to the "this is how we buy the van Ep"), I won Milena's skirt. Well, here she is modeling it for you all...
The happiest guy in the band was probably Mr.Gonk, who is a true metalhead and loved being on the bill with Slayer and Manowar. Long live the devil horns!
Here's some more metal action. Or is it just aluminium action? What are those crutches made of??? (Ask Simon why he had to carry them around... it's a funny story... ok maybe funny for me, not for him!)
The stadium. Which is MY stadium, in my hometown. Very easy to get there, for once! :-)
Our very own Italian rockstar, Marina Metallina! Holding a piece of the football pitch that was thrown over at her! Also notice her matching hair-locks, fingernails and stockings. That's class!
Some more of Marina... I'd like to thank her sister too, for lending me her backstage pass before I got my own. Cheers!
And finally, me and Marina. Cause I can't miss the chance to hug all the goodlooking girls in a band...! :-)
For the same reason, here is evidence of me and Clare. She's the nicest person in the world! And she knows how to sticker a person without being noticed!
This was taken late at night in the backstage. Me and Simon, carrying 3 glasses of beer each. 'Nuff said, eh?
What a great day we had... I'd like to thank some more people who were there but didn't make it into the photos: Gabriele, Gary (guitar tech), Magz and Paul (tour manager), Trudi and Jason Longhair (fans all the way from England!), Damo (fan all the way from Australia!) and The Boss. See you all soon, guys!

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