20 June 2001

First time I was watching AntiProduct live, after a lot of anticipation and after being one of the first guys to get their debut cd Consume and Die... the rest is all fun. Couldn't wait to see the legendary live shows, and what could be better than this... at their support slot at the Wildhearts shwo in London! I was seeing Antiproduct and Wildhearts for the first time on the same day! Oh my god I still feel the excitement...

Antiproduct official site:
Excellent source of info on Antiproduct and other British rock bands:

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This is one of the best photos I've ever managed to take, even if it's a bit out of focus. And it's good mainly thanks to the Alex-meister in person, with all that day-glow paint and stickers all over his body, his guitar and mic-stand. And he's get even more on himself during the show.
then he said "let there be light" and we were able to appreciate his funky trousers too, and the arrows on his body (indicating what?!?!)
The dynamic duo!!! Milena Yum and Toshi, hammering out some good tunes for you!
Alex came down to the barriers for singalong times all together... how sweet!
Milena instead opted to entertain the crowd with some VERY SEXY moves.
Now she was "just playing" but actually she remained sexy anyway :)
So sexy that even Clare came down for a visit and a jam with her. Sadly it got dark and the photo came out a bit shaky. A real shame, cause the two ladies really rocked the house!
Simon Gonk is a bit of an exhibitionist I guess... he never misses a chance to stand up over the drumkit and salute the crowd in front of him! (And we all love him cause of this, don't we?)
Alright, this was the end-of-the-tour gig, so Alex could smash his guitar in true rock and roll style. The he got naked, spray-painted himself all over, and stagedove from the amplis. THAT'S entertainment...
A moody pic taken during the moody intro to the song "Bungee Jumping People Die".

(If you want to see how the gig ended, ie the Wildhearts headlining set, just click here)

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