10 August 2001

Some of you know I am a lucky guy. So, to cut a long story short, at the beginning of August 2001 my name was announced twice live on TotalRock radio Antiproduct's raffle... first off, I won Milena's stage skirt (woooow! but no, you'll never see a pic of me wearing it... I guess!). Then, Alex Kane himself announced that I was among the top three winners of the band's Sticker Competition: AP fans should try to put the band's sticker in the most imaginative places ever and take a pic of it. Well, if you click on this link, you will see where I put mine: on ancient Roman ruins...
This got me two Bulldog Bash passes, a thing I could not believe: I was touring around England on my August holiday and I could easuly stop by and see the Wildhearts play at this Hell's Angels fest, full of bikers, beer and babes! And the tickets were costing 35 pounds each, so I thought, while planning my holidays in the Uk, that I would have to miss it.
instead we went, came and conquered. Conquered our place in the APRA camp with our tent, and met up with everybody there. Including the stars, since we later found out the pass was a backstage pass too... ehehe.

Bulldog Bash Official site: www.bulldogbash.co.uk
Wildhearts / Ginger official site: www.silverginger.com
Antiproduct official site: www.antiproduct.com

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The APRA camp. My tent is the orange-green one on the bottom right. What can I say about that camp... "welcome to the jungle, babe!". It was a riot, everyone would camp on every available inch, and often motorbikes parked next to one tent were unable to move out of the camp, the morning after!
Antiproduct's set was amazing, they really played their hearts out. And at a certain point Alex played with his dick out too. And he stagedove in that condition. Amazingly, people love him so much, they still caught him, despite the potential for some unpleasant (or was it pleasurable?) rubbing...
Say hello to Clare! She was, as the rest of the band, in top top form. Much fun was had by all. And... if you want to see a VIDEO I made of AntiProduct playing this gig, all you have to do is click here, going to musicb00m.it, and select the AntiProduct realmovie video!. Try that, it's worth it!
. . Three friendly faces singing their hearts out for you... I took these with my digital camera, and found out the digicam can do neat tricks too, then! :-)
After the show, the whole band was out to sticker every single person in sight (Hell's Angels included!). Here I am giving Alex a hand in covering up my friend Gabriele.
This is how Alex thanked me... manic grin and devil horns!!
Alex tackles himself the stickering of Lorenzo, even if by this pic it looks more like they are having a look at each other's penises... maybe making two closet exhibitionists meet wasn't a good idea!
A happy stickered crowd of Italians.
Then it was time for the Wildhearts, and in my opinion they played an even better gig than the London Forum one I had seen a couple of months earlier. Danny was back and everyone was out to have fun, and it did show onstage.
Here's Dan! He DID puke onstage as usual, anyway, but I guess by now it's part of any live show he plays? Was weird to see, anyway.
A whole-band pic, with Cj and Ginger sharing vocal duties. thanks for a great gig, guys!
Ginger smiling and saluting the crowd...
This is when I realized I could go backstage with my pass. I stumbled into Ginger and his lovely son Jack! He's so sweet! And Stidi gave us a beer, which was a very sweet bonus. It was the first time I was meeting Ginger and I was in a state of worshipping shock. Especially after I learnt he knew who I was, thanks to that SilverGinger 5 huge bootleg experience back in December 2000... many of you will know what I'm talking about (and if you don't know, drop me an email and I'll be happy to share!)
Late-night entertainment: strippers doing... erm, stripteases (what else should they be doing?!?!). The funny thing was having Krusher commenting on the girls, with increasinly horny and funny comments, which climaxed when a girl was bending over in a sexy way and he let out a loud and dry mouth-fart through the microphone as a comment. The audience was rolling on the floor laughing...
More late-night entertainment, in the APRA camp. Entertainment mainly offered to us by a totally drunk and ridiculously sunburnt Dr. Pablo Pissjoy...
The morning after: having to say byebye to the friendly crowd wasn't easy, especially cause most of them were VERY hungover... but isn't that a main part of any festival experience? :-)

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