02 September 2001

Ahhh...another of those lucky gigs. I finally got to see the best rock and roll band from Sweden live! Gluecifer and Hellacopters were good appetizers in the past, but I was craving for some real on-your-face rock and rawl! And here it came finally, they were the last band on the bill of a huge festival. Post-headliners, we might call them. And what a way to end a spectacular day... these guys surely know how to rock!

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I was basically standing at Dregen's feet, to get a better view of this much-talked-about sexy-star. Well, he can strike very fancy poses, and knows how to play a guitar and sing. So, no complaints from me, he is the real Thing!
I was shocked to see Nicke's new hairstyle, I was very much used to the haircut (and colour) he shows on Total 13, so this longer and blonder one was... well, different. But his throat is the same, so he could sing all those great songs they have on their cds!
And, beware the evil devil-horn hand!
Some more Dregen, spouting out a guitar solo.
Nicke and Dregen sharing vocal duties
On elast Dregen, where he shows he is kind of built like a Ken (Barbie's mate). He is lean, smooth, shaved and rather muscly. Maybe he even has a button on his back for us to push! But better not think what that might raise... (I don't wanna know!)

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