26 October 2001

The guys were back less than two months after I had seen them for the first time in my life! This is amazing, isn't it? And they brought along top canadian rocker Danko Jones, I was in heaven that evening. A smaller club and stage, two rocking bands... I just hope more and more people had turned up for the show, cause there was a nice crowd but the previous week I had won a ticket to go see American Hi-Fi and the place was filled. And American Hi-Fi suck, and wouldn't know what the word "rock" means even if it hit them in the face (well, I'd like to see them hit by a rock in the face, actually...). Anyway, it was a GREAT evening, and I managed to get some pretty nice shots for you. Here they are...

Backyard Babies official site:
Danko Jones official site:

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Danko, Danko, Danko... a mestizo, part black, part wahite, all rocker. The energy he and his two band-members put out on a live show (and on cd, too!) is amazing. I want to see him live again soon.
Can you feel the energy spouting out from his lips as he sings another song about sexy rock and rawl???
Ok here is Nicke in all his "Marylin Monroe" beauty, with the fan blowing his hair. How cool does that look??? Welcome back, Backyard Babies!
And if I said I was shocked by his new hairstyle the previous time I'd seen them, what should I say about thise new facial hair? I hate beards... apart from Peder's sideburns, which are way cool!
Finally we get to see uber-bassist Johan! He wasn't wearing his typical Ramones t-shirt tonight, opting for a "I hate you" shirt instead.
Johan and Nicke doing the "back to back" rocker thing. Lovely!
Nicke even wore overalls at a certain point. For me they are a no-no in fashion, but if the rock-star wants to try them on, he's welcome to :-)

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