19 May 1999

I went to this gig cause I was curious.Curious to see live the last "real" punk band,the last survivors of the '77 punk explosion,and also curious to see Caffeine,because I had read good reviews on magazines (their single got great marks everywhere!).
So I was really pleased to see both bands were GREAT!And I also found out an interesting thing about the Caffeine singer...well,read my comments to the pics to find out more!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

CAFFEINE!Meet the band:guitarist Jonathan Browning and bassist/singer Alain Iovine.If you look hard enough,you can see also the drummer's face...

Here's a closeup on Alain.Now,I went to this show knowing just that Caffeine were a London-based trio that played good music.So how much shocked do you think I was,when Alain started talking ITALIAN?At first i thought he had just talked to some of the girls before the gig and learnt some italian just to say something more than the usual "Grazie" (Thank you).But his pronunciation of "Siamo di Londra" was too good...and seconds later he kept talking in Italian!With a strong roman accent,I'd say!
So...well done fratello!You've found fame and fortune with your perfect English...keep up the good work!!!

Jonathan backing up vocals,and now you can also see Tony Marshal at the drums!

If you want more info on Caffeine,check out their Official Page ,run by Oli and endorsed by the band!!!

And here are The Dickies!They said that once they were a punk band.Now they ALTERNATIVE punk band!(Cue lots of irony here...).

Guitarist Stan Lee.My idol.LOOK AT THAT T-SHIRT!!!He is wearing a PUNISHER t-shirt!!!Well,what else could you expect from Stan Lee?He's the founder of Marvel Comics,after all.Funny how he finds the time to play the guitar in a band,too :-)
And he's a real axe-man,with the guitar.Plays so fast and well!I wonder if he ever tried auditioning for Manowar...he has the looks and skills to do it!Nah,ok,The Dickies are much more fun!

Here's singer Leonard Graves Phillips.He moves like a puppet and does all kind of funny stuff onstage.And sings well,too!But to keep the rhytm,he has to keep a finger in his ear!Otherwise all that music will distract him!!! :-)
He kindly begged us to buy two copies of their cd,cause he said he doesn't want to have to work for a living.Ahahahah!!!

And here is something Leonard said is very dear to him...his penis!See it talk,sing and chew annoy the other members (er,no pun intended) of the band.

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