I am in no way a "tech" when it comes down to cameras.I just know that mine is good,that it does its work very well and that I love it!
Look at a pic of it! :-)

Well,if you are in for some specifics,I'll tell you that it's a Canon Prima Super 115,with a 3x zoom (more numbers,that make not much sense to me but may interest you: 38-115 mm f/3,6-8,5).With autofocus.
I usually use Kodak or Fuji films (i actually think Fuji have brighter colours),200 ISO fits fine to my needs,even when there's little light they do a very good job.

Er,I really have not much else to say.If you want to know anything more about the camera,just email me,ok?
One last thing...Well,when there's the "no cameras" warning outside a venue (ie always!),I put it in my socks and walk in the venue confidently.I am ALWAYS stripsearched but no one ever found out anything,cause I don't go there with fear in my eyes.After all,I'm just bringin in a camera for my own fun!And for YOUR own fun,if you like the pics I take!!! :-)

For any comment,suggestion,or whatever you might want to tell me,my email is: thepunisher@antisocial.com

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