15 April 1999

I went to this show knowing nothing of the band (mea culpa,mea culpa...).I was given a pass by Carlo "Cruel",boss of the great
Musicboom magazine,and of course I never refuse a free pass! :-)
So I went,expecting just some slow pop...and instead this badn rocked!!!The songs they played were very cool,and I could not believe that there was actually a moshpit for songs like "Love fool" and "My favourite game"!No need to say,now I'm a fan of the band,their cd is already on my "to-buy" list...

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

The stage was not full of stuff cause The Cardigans said they tried to keep things minimal in order to keep the ticket price low (that's a really cool idea!).But the lights were very effective anyway,they had beautiful colours!
Nina busy singing,as usual :-)
Now you can see the bass player!!!He was my idol,look at him!He's a total '60s man!Cool hairstyle,cool shirt,cool moves!I am not sure if he is the band's usual bass player,cause if you look at the pics on the net,he looks quite different...but anyway,this night that man played the bass very well and acted very very cool!
Nina,now busy playing the keyboards and looking pretty.Sadly just as I was clicking,she put a hand before her face...but this allows us to worship the great bracelet/stud she was wearing,it's one of the best I've ever seen!!!Adds to her beauty!

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