05 December 2000

Ok so death metal is not really my kind of music. Oh wait some people made me notice Cradle of Filth are "black metal", while others argued that it's not true black, it's too melodic... ah well forget about it. The simple reason I went willingly to this show is cause I have to admit I liked their latest album, Midian. So I thought... why not? And actually begged and begged until not only I went there with a pass, but it was a photo-pass (the first one in my life!) and I also went to the press conference. Oh god (or shall I say "Oh Satan"?), it felt so great. Still a dork, and I get to do these things. And the pics came out really well, despite the looks I got from the "Professional" photographers with big equipment. Big equipment... ehehe... is that like that freudian theory of big cars making up for smaller equipments somwhere else? My camera was sooo small compared to theirs...but look at the stuff I got. Hope you like it.

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Side view of the whole band after the press conference. Dani and Gian did all of the talking. They have big British humor, I found that cool.
Damn, Dani has better eyes than me. And a cool piercing.
Usual fun story time: I went up to Dani and he noticed my Misfits t-shirt and started talking about it and he gave the elbow to Gian and they were both screaming that Misfits are the best band in the world, they looked like young fans of the band, it was great. I asked them if they'd play "Death comes ripping" (their Misfits cover) during the concert but they looked all sad and said no. Next time maybe?
Dani Filth in person! I won't make any comments about his height, I'll just say he's as tall as me.
A "crotch sight" for all the female vampyres looking at my page!
Dani and Gyan.
Monster from the green lagoon.
Two guitar players and a caged slave. Life is cool! :)
Paul Allender is the one on the left. Welcome back into the lineup, Paul!
Dani under some cool light. In the background, you see the very talented choir-girl and Martin at the keyboards.
Spooky lights! And, hey! Look at the vampyre in the cage. She was looking at me and posing for the camera!
Ahhhh... the whole band in one shot. It was not a easy task to accomplish, since the stage was HUGE! Sorry, I left out one of the caged dancers!
I saved the best shot for last. I love the colours and how Dani and the girl look in this pic. I am sooo proud!

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