16 November 2003

I was one of the lucky ones who had first witnessed the return of Death Angel in April 2003, when they toured with the No Mercy Festival all over Europe, letting people know that after 10 years of being gone, they were still the kings of thrash metal. Now what was meant as a one-off tour has kicked back into "full band mode", and on 26th April 2004 the band will even release a new album, a whole 13 years after the last one they published. Be sure to check them out, both on record and tour. They still can kick ten shades of ass out of you, and they still look SO young! LOL. Must be the Philipines blood in them!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Singer Mark Oseguda. Keep an eye on his dreadlocks, in the other photos. They are "a bit long". Eheheh.
Mark can warm up the crowd like a real master.
Here's guitarist Rob Cavestany. Nice dreads, but no match with Mike's!
Amazing bass player: Dennis Pepa. He's a stage animal. And he's got some of the weirdest tattoos ever.
Here's the other guitar player, Ted Aguilar. I'm still wondering what that "japanese school-boy" uniform/look was about!
A closeup on Ted. Nice piercing!
See what I meant when I said "weird tattoos"? :-)
Stage interaction of the band was amazing, they kept moving all over it. It's a true sign these guys know how to put up a great show and how to entertain people while blowing their ears off...
Rob has a problem of dreadlocks over his face...
...he tries to shake them off...
...but in the end has to walk down to the audience and probably ask someone to remove the dreads off his face! Ahahah.
Mark walking the plank.
More madness!
They have great-designed guitars too, don't you think?
One final closeup on Mark.

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