27 May 2000

Fat Mike's newest idea: get a bunch of GREAT bands together and set up a punk festival to end all punk festivals. Great choice of bands, I liked them all. Here you'll find the ones I liked most. Before leaving space to the pictures, I would like to thank all the policemen at the venue who made every punk fucking drop ALL their studs and chains at the door. The festival was great, but the looks were poor, cause it's not punk if it has no metal edges, studs, spikes and chains. Dear policemen, here is my appreciation for you. And, by the way, I wasn't supposed to leave my collar at the door, since I had the pass you see down here and this meant I could bring camera and recorders, but of course you can't read.

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The first press pass I have ever got!!! Wow I am still so excited to see my name followed by Musicb00m and then "press"...

Terrorgruppe, the openers of the festival. If it was left to me, I would have made them the headliners, since they were my fave band that played that day! But it didn't matter really, cause every band played for 40 minutes. THAT'S democracy!!!
Terrorgruppe again. Here you see Archi Alert playing and singing completely naked for you. I took a pic of him stretching his dick, but I thought it'd be too much to show here on these pages... On the left, Zip Schlitzer/Motherfucker, and on the right, Johnny Bottrop play guitar and bass respectively. They even played a song abou Rimini, cause Zip's family always goes there for their holiday. Great place, since I spent my week-by-the-sea there,too. Ok,ok, I'll move on, no one cares...
The Mad Caddies! Here in Italy yhey are the most loved American Ska/Punk band, and surely they live up to their name. I had a talk with Carter (guitar) and they are so cool... actually if you want to read the interview (providing you can read Italian... or get a translator...) go to Musicb00m and get it! Oh, and he had black-varnished nails, which is always so classy. Everyone should do that.
NOFX: the whole band!!! Please also take notice of the big new scenography they claim to have brought with them for this tour. Er, it's half hidden behind the guitarist's head... yep,it's that "fx" sign... very big indeed! They playe dall the classics and new stuff too, but still i don't get why they have to keep insulting the public treating us like idiots. Ok we may not be English mother tongues, but some of us still know a few words of English, you know?
Fat Mike himself. Seems to have got slimmer by the way! But Thin Mike wouldn't really cut it in the fans' hearts...
Sorry if the quality of the pics is not as good as I usually take, but the venue was sold out and the pogo was infernal. Had a good time, then...
This has to be the worst photo of me ever taken. And Johnny Bottropp doesn't look that great too... blame the girl who took the pic,then! Johnny is a great guy!!! He complained that my T-shirt was soaking wet in sweat and that it smelt a bit, and I made him notice he was wearing the same shirt he had while he played and he smelt too. So we all decided to have a drink and not think about smelling clothes... Go visit his Terrorgruppe's homepage, you won't regret it!

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