11 December 1996

A band at its top form!We saw one hell of a concert that night,and then it was the last we her ard from Dog Eat Dog! I've read of members going away,of new people getting in the band...but 2 years later (I'm writing this in 1998),nothing from them has come out yet (1999 news: the new album is out and it KICKS ASS! GO get it - "Expect the unexpected"!). And it's a pity,cause they play good music, and they are great guys! So great they let us in for free at the gig,cause we had met them in the afternoon after an interview and talked to John Connor for a long time,then later on he saw us queueing up to get the ticket,and HE recognised US and said "Hello guys!", and handed us tickets! COOL!!!!! And they played a great show,John is a really good frontman, backed up by a very cool band.

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The ticket,signed by the band!

Everybody having a good time!Singer John Connor and bassist Dave Neabore jumping around!
And now young guitarist Mark,jumping with Dave!Mark was 19 that night!
John asking us to jump around with them,and clap our hands,and generally make some noise!
And now he's sitting down and singing some slow song...can't remember which was,do Dog Eat Dog actually have any slow song?!?!?!
Dave and his Sadist t-shirt.Now,I have to tell you something about Dave...
Nah,ok,i won't because Dave has recently emailed me and told me he has changed since 1996, that he's a better person now, and i do trust him! Actually, seeing his profile on the band's official homepage,i reckon he is the one with the BEST taste of them all! So Dave, you're forgiven :-).
Mark. Poor Mark was stalked by me after the show,and while he was eating a sandwich,I asked him if he could sign me the ticket. HE said yes and even offered me a bite of the sandwich!A cool guy!
A closeup on Dave,so all girls can lust over this pic while waiting to meet him next time the band will be over here... I know he has a weak spot for cute girls... :-)
And here is John,wearing the New York vest which was also worn by Biohazard singer Evan at Donington that year.The two bands are really good friends!

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