22 March 2001

An old man looked right into my eyes on March 22nd 2001. He stared at me, smiled that kind of smile that only old men could smile, and then he went on doing what he was doing. I was overjoyed...
Cause the man was Dee Dee Ramone, and what he was doing was playing his bass and singing some punk rock songs. WOOOOW!

Ticket to get in, punks. All Stars rule!

Wow. How many tattoos does he have? Never noticed them under that black leather jacket and white tshirt!!!
An Idol.
The guitarist of the band. He's very cool too, very much into it. But after all, who wouldn't be thrilled to play Ramones songs with Dee Dee?
They mainly played Ramones songs (kicked off with Rockaway beach, even if they later on played a BAD version of Pet Sematary and missed out KKK took my baby away...), a bunch of covers and a couple of Dee Dee's own songs. Great punkrock night out.

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