22 November 2003

Ok, I admit I went to this concert "just cause she's the ex-wife of Tim Armstrong". Actually, I don't like that thought much even, cause given the quality of this band, I doubt it would have gone far without Tim's help. But I wanted to check by myself what all the buzz was about, and after 50 minutes of concert... I still have no clue about it. Yet, I think I took some pics worthy of being shared...

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

An overall sight of the Rainbow Club.
... I got a bit closer to the stage ;-)
Meet Mr. Ryan Sinn, bass player!
And now Tony Bradley, the other string-puller! Don't ask me about that "Queer Girl" writing on the arm...
But I guess everyone tonight was there to see Brody herself? Well, here she is!
And now a little closeup on her. Notice how fancy the guitar picks look... damn shame I didn't get to get any! :-(
In more or less 50 minutes, they ripped through around 15 songs, closing with the glorious "Sing Sing Death House".
The band seemed a bit static onstage, but that's probably cause each one of them was in front of a mic, having to sing choruses all the time.
Brody screaming her lungs out.
Brody "just singing".
Brody playing the guitar.
...I could go on like this forever... Ahahah!
She's the goddess of the red light!
A couple of closeups to finish things off.
Too much of a closeup maybe? You can see the makeup starting to smear down...!

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