19 February 2004
Transilvania Live, Milano (Italy)

Irish Galore! Shamrocks! Punkrock! Mayhem!
That's what the Boston-based Dropkick Murphys offer when they storm a stage. I think that right now DKM is my favourite band, so you can guess how much I was anticipating this concert, after missing their tour in 2001 cause, well, on that date I had flown to London to see The Wildhearts. And indeed, it was a huge show, with all the right songs in it (I could have done with a couple more classich Irish folk covers, though!), and a club filled with people pogoing, diving, and singing. I got to get onstage and sing with Al Barr the refrain to "Boys on the docks", it was incredible! That surely made my day and night and week.
I hope to see them live again soon. You can visit their website clicking here: www.dropkickmurphys.com

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To the sound of bagpipes, the Murphys took the stage and launched into "For Boston", requiring heavy crowd interaction.
Al Barr. As hardcore as it gets.
I think this photo gives a good feeling of the bedlam that went on while the band was playing. Six people running around and singing and playing instruments all the time: the stage really felt... filled!
And everyone was putting their heart into their music. Nothing less was expected from them, actually. Their success lies in "keeping it real". Oh, and on very good music too.
Most of the set was based on the latest cd, "Blackout", with a great rendition of songs like "Fields of Athenry" and the ever-involving "The dirty glass", sang with a guest female voice. I slap myself for not getting a pic of her, actually. D'oh!
Ahhh... here comes Ken Casey, founder of the band and great singer/guitarist! And hockey fanatic :-)
He deserves a closeup.
THE KID! Anyone who's seen the Dropkick Murphys dvd ("On the road with the dropkick murphys") will love him so much more... the band was so kind to take him out for his first LEGAL drink on his 21st, and they filmed it all. How wasted he got... he's amazing!
PS: if anyone knows how to get the easter eggs for the dvd, please let me know!
And he's always pulling some funny move to look at.
The choruses for Dropkick Murphy's songs are always SO huge! That's why: everyone does background vocals!
Al Barr being all hardcore again. Gotta love the way he moves onstage.
The stage really looked busy!
Unfortunately, there are not enough pics of Scruffy Wallace and of his bagpipe, I have to admit he wasn't onstage that much time. I thought he'd be more relevant in more songs, but maybe it was the bagpipe volume being too low, but I don't remember him being onstage that much. Sorry, mate!
A cool backstage pic of Al. I took it while he was reading a book I lent him. I won't tell what book it is, cause actually it badmouths Dropkick Murphys, and I was showing him how stupid some people are...
In the background, you can see Scruffy surfing the internet. The Transilvania backstage is really cool, with also a washing machine available to artists (DKM managed to flood the floor, but let's forget about it!)

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