01 May 2001

I was totally looking forward to this. The first time I saw The Donnas was amazing, a real revelation... And now their new album Turn 21 came out so excellent, I could not wait to hear those songs live. The night was even made better by the good Swedish combo Sahara Hotnights, who sparkled things up with some good ripe punk.

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Meet the band: (from left to right) Jennie Maria Asplund at the guitar, Maria Elisabeth Andersson singing and playing guitar, Johanna Asplund at the bass, and Karin Ewa Josephine Forsman at the drums. Wow they got long names there in Sweden, eh? :-)
Johanna giving a had with background vocals. I guess she's related to Jeannie Maria, if they bear the same surname? Or is Asplund a common name in Swden? Who knows... (well, if you know, let me know too!)
And here is Maria Elisabeth hamming it all out on screamy melodious vocals, while riffing on the guitar. I was very impressed by the live performance and they told me that they keep getting better and better. Indeed, their song on the Ramones tribute "The Song Ramones the same" is the best one of the album (they do an amazing version of Rockaway Beach). Go, girls!
A panoramic "whole band" shot, seeing them all in action: just to remind you, Donna R is at the guitar, Donna C at the drums, Donna A sings and Donna F plays the bass.
Whole band again, with emphasis on Donna R striking an excellent rock and roll guitarist pose. Lovely!
...and here she is again. I tell you, during the WHOLE concert, she never ever looked at the strings while playing, not even once. She knew how to move her fingers over the neck of guitar so perfectly even during her fabulous solos. I was impressed!
Here's some more of the band. I wasn't in an excellent position for closeups on other band members... sorry!
At the end of the show I was invited backstage for a quick chat with the girls, who were still chilling out on the couch and drinking water... here is a candid shot of that! And, don't you think Babylonia's backstage room is amazing? Every single band that's ever played here felt like leaving a mark on the walls... one could spend day reading the messages left by so many bands!
And here I am with my idol-for-the-evening, Donna R. Too bad that she takes her boyfriend on tour with her everywhere... actually he is the sound tech of the band. Lucky girl, eh!

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