17 June 2002

I was ANTICIPATING this, with a capital everything. I've been into Garbage for what now, must be 6 years, and in the meanwhile I've managed to experience live practically every band I have ever liked. But Garbage kept eluding me, or better, eluding Italy. They played three times (every other year) a set at the Heineken Jamming Festival, but that was always 40 minutes among a crap and expensive bill, so I never really went there. but this year... the day after the Heineken Jamming Festival (surprise surprise, they played there...!), the band stopped by Milano for a one-off headlining show. I bought the ticket immediately, even if in the meanwhile a new lbum (Beautiful garbage) had come out and I personally didn't like it very much, for me Version 2.0 is the real masterpiece. But they surprised me even more with the setlist actually, cause they played most of V2.0 and only the best bits off the latest album (Cherry Lips, above all). A night to remember, that's for sure. And they promised they'll be back soon! Woo-ooo!

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Some moody lights to put you in the sexy-party mood that the Garbage music requires...
And here's Shirley Manson in all her glory. Uhm, ok it's her glory alright, and I loved the clothes, but honestly I have not swallowed yet the choice of hairstyle and colour. She's always been ginger... why go blonde? And so short? I'd really love to question her about this...
Shirley in one of her charismatic poses. She really knows how to hold a stage, and she came through as a woman who's really aware of her skills and her influence on people. She was really magnetic, onstage!
Sigh, I shot this photo a second too late.. she was singing one of my favourite songs ("Hammering in my head") and it's a very sexy song, and she was doing some very sexy poses and movements... and I shall not forget to mention the fact that she had switched tanktops, and this white one probably really made her happy, cause her nipples were showing all through the gig, the whole 70 minutes of it...!!! (Doesn't it hurt/tickle after a while?)
Finally we get to see other bandmembers too, who were always having a laugh and seemingly enjoying themselves on the stage. Oh, and Butch Vig was not there, he had a ear infection if i remember correctly... I wish him a quick recovery!
Is she talking to me?
Shirley steps back and lets the musicians take centre-stage for some (good and short) solos, greeted with cheers by the crowd.
Out-of focus pic, but I still found it kind of cool, hope you like it too.

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