15 May 2002

The flyer was very clear about this: "Genitorturers' show makes Rockbitch look like chaste schoolgirls". And for me their fame made me go to the concert, even before I knew the music (I knew they played some kind of industrial, which in the end is only half-true cause they play an indutrialized version of hard rock and roll / glam!). I knew that most people into some bands I like (The Misfits, mainly) loved the Genitorturers, so I was glad they stopped by my town so I could check them out. And indeed, along with goth clothes, the most-worn band-tshirt that evening was a Misfits t-shirt! Ahahah! The show was excellent, and so was the music, so I got their latest Ep, "Flesh is the law". Very very good stuff... hope to see more and more people next time at their show!

Genitorturers official site (The house of Shame):

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The cool flyer that warned me about the upcoming show. I was lucky to run into ir! :-)
Good chance to meet the band: (left to right) Evil D (David Vincent!) at the bass, Mistress Gen, Chains at guitar and Angel at Drums. They really know how to take control and "hold" a stage, each one of them is a natural born stage-animal and rockstar!
Take Chains for example... despite probably knowing that Gen and the erotic show was the main focus of the audience, he kept walking centre-stage, doing real rockstar poses and moves, and wearing such a sexy latex dress that fit him like a glove... interesting guy, to say the least. And he knows how to whip out a guit solo when needed!
It's time for the first act of the Genitorturers show... a cute schoolgirl comes out to play onstage, but Gen is feeling wicked and tears her teddybear apart, then tears her shirt apart (nice pierced nipples, by the way!) and generally mistreats her, to show her "the real world"...
Gen herself looks rather surprised of her mischievous behaviour, in this pic... In the background you see Evil D having a laugh. And the poor girl trying to protect her toy from a good whipping!
But she gets whipped too, and her panties are torn apart only to reveal the sweetest of secrets... all this time, the innocent girl was carrying a cute round lollipop inside herself... can you guess where? Gen found it out, gave it a lick and threw it on the audience. THAT'S entertainment! (this goes out to boring grunge bands who only whine onstage...ahaha)
A thing everyone was surely waiting for: Mistress Gen and a pole! It's sooo good that the Indian's Saloon Club has these two pole-dancing poles onstage... Evil D, who happens to be her husband actually, was enjoying the show too. Everyone was very happy!
Out comes another figure... this time a nun! Gen has no pity for her and strips her down, while she prays for her soul. As you see, Gen won't have any of it. And cool lights on the boots, by the way!
A huge crucifix was found hanging down as a grotesque piercing from the nun's labia, and it's used against herself, while she is being crucifixed... if this isn't a controverse (but amusing and not pretentious!) show, I don't know what can be. And Rockbitch's shows are so tame compared to all this too. And unerotic. While Genitorturers were much more teasing. And played so much better music, which is important at a concert, you know!
It's time to celebrate now and Gen holds the Genitorturers banner. They have a lovely logo actually. Way to go!
To add in the fireworks, a "slave" came out and started using tools against her crotch, with sparkling results... in the background you see Angel smiling. He is am AMAZING drummer, hits the skins so hard and so fat. And he's only 20! And the Misfits makeup and hairstyle can only add more and more points in his favour...
Gen salutes us all while the devil-girl behind her starts bleeding and more mayhem is called upon. People, go see Genitorturers live and listen to their music, they are really worth their cult status, and more!

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