10 February 1999

Nordic bands kick ass!!!That's what I understood when I saw Gluecifer (and I still hope to see Backyard Babies and Hellacopters,too...).This band got in,all dressed with their "uniform",and played a tight set!They even managed to make my ears ring,which is a hard task these days,I'm quite used to any kind of extreme noise!
And they are also lovely people to talk to (and,for the ladies...yes,they are also very goodllooking!).So,thumbs up for Gluecifer!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Malibu making what apparently is his favourite hand-sign:the gun!He kept doing it in every song!And he was always shooting me,since I was right under him!Behind him,on the left there's El Matador and on the right Jon Average.
Here's Jon Average.He's really the "average" nordic guy!And he kept looking as if he was having one hell of a time!
Malibu helping Captain Poon to remember how the solo goes like...
Captain Poon and Average keeping the rythm while Malibu acts like a possessed man...
Poon again.Sorry if the pic is fuzzy,but as I was shooting it (and it was a perfect pose!),the guy next to me decided to go pogo-crazy and shoulderd me hard!Well,that's the price you pay for taking pics in the middle of the pit...such a sweet price...
Average,still having a good time.
Things got hotter during the encore,so they stripped off their cool shirts!No lady complained,anyway.
Here's a "whole band" pic,pity Malibu is covering Matador!
This was the last song,which goes like "Goodbye,goodbye,goodbye"...and Malibu kept saying us goodbye with themilitary salute,too!It was funny!
A pic of me and the band.Usually I put the pics of me and the stars in my "ME" page,but I put this here cause on the extreme right you can see a cool guy,whom we called "The Psycho Roadie From Hell".For the whole show he was just behind the drum,keeping on drinking beer and cheering the audience,and then after the show he was shouting out loud,trying to sell Gluecifer records.He's cool as f**k!
The tracklist.Signed.Ok,feel free to hate me :-)

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