6 June 1998

The Gods of Metal lineup for 1998 was pretty cool,even if for my likings there was a bit "too much" classic metal (hey,no!Please,metallers,don't kick me for saying that!Even if,you'll notice that I didn't even take a pic to those 3 bands you surely loved,cause I didn't have much film roll and so I decided to save it for my preferred ones...).I was there mainly for Black Sabbath and Pantera,but Coal Chamber were pretty good and the last-minute addition of Iced Earth drove me nuts,cause I love those guys!It was a hot,HOT day,and we all got sunburnt.But that was a cheap price,to see Ozzy and Tony and Geezer together again...

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Your ticket to get in,True Believer!
Coal Chamber:they have a cool logo :)
Coal Chamber singer Dez Fafara was very active that day.Bassist Rayna moved pretty well but she has not mastered a good bass playing technique yet...(others would just say:looks good,sucks at playing).
The first real Gods of Metal of the day,Iced Earth!I love them!And to hell anyone who says that good metal is only European!They played a great set and put the audience in the best mood for real metal!
Pity that I couldn't include in the pic the drummer's hat,it was a SpiderMan hat!Way to go,man!
Er,skipping the Helloween,Gamma Ray and Stratovarius sets,here we are already,the Pantera set!
Here's Phil Anselmo talking to the audience (he was in a very talkative mood that day!Kept blabbing and blabbing!),and to his side Diamond Darrel,or whatever nickname he chose for that day!
Phil,still talking!
Could you believe,they even played "Number of the beast" as an intro to "Fuckin Hostile"...well,I liked it.The other 23.999 defenders there,I am not sure about that....
Rex enjoying the audience attention.
Here they are!Black Sabbath!I was a bit too far from the stage for this set,I'm afraid,but the pressure in the first rows was too much for a humble guy who had been pogoing for like 7 hours...
Ozzy playing with water,just as he likes it!This should be a "Band-pic",but unluckily it's a bit too dark to see them all!
The end of the show,with billions of confetti being thrown on the audience!I kept some as a luckbringer!I bet every one of you did it!
Some tired fans...left to right:Alby,Paolo (ie myself!),Daniele and Luka.And,er,a nameless girl! :-)

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