9 February 1996

This was one hell of a night!I had heard of Gwar,that they put up quite a show,but I would have never imagined witnessing such mayhem!Luckily I was not wearing one of the t-shirts I like most,or it would have been ruined by the litres of organic fluids thrown on me by the band.There was everything:blood,vomit...and other things,too.Read the story to know what... :-)
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Oderus Orungus,"singer",welcomes you!
Balsac,The Jaws of Death,at the guitar!
And Beefcake The Mighty at the bass!
The show begins.A very happy man gets onstage,preaching peace and harmony.Gwar take it as a persona insul and Sexecutioner decapitates him.See his neck spurting blood!
Gwar start touring the galaxy.Thet even meet homosexual aliens,who entertain Oderus with some erotic games...until he spurts some white liquid on the audience...hmm...
Anyway,the liquid falls on Slymenstra,too,and she gets pregnant (talk about bad luck!)
Slymenstra,still not aware of the new life inside her,plays with fire...
If you can't see much in this pic apart from fire,it's because the fireball she spat hit ME!It was a thrill,i felt the heat go all over my body for a split second,and then Gwar were helping me not getting burnt,by throwing "blood" on me...
So,this is how I was looking in the middle of the gig.On the background,you see Slymenstra ready to give birth...
And here he goes!The kid had to be extracted from Slymenstra's about a difficult birth!
The baby is not very well-treated by Gwar,and Oderus,refusing to recognise him as his son,often kicks his ass (literally),until he runs away...
...and suddenly a big monster arrives,threatening to kill Gwar!It's an all-out battle!(Yeah,lot of blood fell on the audience of course...)
The monster is defeated,and...look!The baby was inside it!Cue Gwar weeping and regretting treating him bad...NOT!Gwar just laughed and the show was over...The moral is:there's no moral in a Gwar show!

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