14 September 1997

I had already seen Gwar once,so I knew what to expect- blood,gore,body fluids,fire,sex,violence...
But,as usual,nothing can prepare you to a Gwar show.It's always so new,with such a cool storyline linking all songs together...My pics and words will hopefully make it all clear for you!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Oderus Orungus welcomes you to the show.Don't pay too much attention at that vaguely phallic shape between his legs...

2 songs in,and we already have a stage invasion.No,not by penguins!Gwar are obviously pissed off and they order their sexslaves to kill them all,while Slymenstra eats their bowels...Oh,needless to say,litres of blood fall on the audience...

And here she is,after her meal,she pays a bit with fire...well,she eats fire,too!She ates so much,yes she keeps beautifully thin...oh,I got it.She "burns" calories...:-)

Here comes a robot built by Teknodestructor (a friend/enemy of Gwar).It makes a mess and of course he spills his radiocative fluids all over the audience...

Oh no!The big borthers of the penguins arrive!And they are clearly pissed off about the killing of their cute little bros...but Gwar are quick to engage them in a fight and to kill them all,with blood and gore ending up all around!

Teknodestructor is back,with a bog and a lot of crystal stuff to smoke ("Joint",you said?Nah...).He gets Oderus bombed out of his mind,and convinces Slymenstra to marry him!Good move,pal!

The glorious wedding.Look how beautiful the bride is.Look how brave the groom is (even if he had doubts when he heard about the "respect and love her in death and despair,for EVER" part...).The wedding is celebrrated by none else than The Pope,which after the ceremony is joyously decapitated!!!

Slymenstra gets out of the dope-induced trance and she fights Teknodestructor...and then she gets naked and "eats" him at the pic.Let's say,those are not her legs,but her "big lips".And,yeah,you can see a foot of Teknodestructor disappearing between them...!

BIGGER penguins arrive.They fight Gwar and the band almost loses.But then,right from Antarctica,a T-Rex arrives and eats them all.And I mean ALL...penguins, Gwar,Slaves... only Slymenstra is left,for a sweet,slow encore,before the show ends.

The show ends and this is how I was left.ALL thumbs up,Gwar,can't wait to see you again!!!

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