27 October 2000

I had seen Hardcore Superstar live in Italy 17 days earlier, but I couldn't get enough of their greatness, so the opportunity arose to see them while I was in London... off I went, a mere couple of hours after I got off the plane! And I was damn right, it was another great show (even if shorter than the Milan one) and I met some cool people there. and this time I was right under the stage with no barriers between me and the band. Cool!

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Ticket to ride

Jocke. Still dressed in leather. The rabid fans were trying to rip everything off him actually!
Cool tattoo he got, eh? This reminds me: try playing the "Hardcore superstar tattoo" game: each member of the band has a tattoed logo of the band somehwree on their body. If you look at the pics carefully enough (even the ones on the previous page), you'll find some of them out...
Jocke announcing he'll get a bit more comfortable now, under the bemused sight of Martin.
Silver showing off his tattoos. Hey now, he's wearing the same tshirt as in Milan. I hope he washed it in the meanwhile!
Two manics for the price of one!
Jocke is kneeling down, begging the horny audience to stop trying to pull his slips down! (I'm not kiding, it kept happening!)
Oh no! Now Jocke has lost his contact lenses! But, what a great chance it is, to study his bottom better... (Evil drummer Magnus is not helping any, eh?)
Oh no now the whole band is refusing to help Jocke, and he is still looking for the lenses... poor guy. Well, at least he kept on singing til the end. Which was good, since the last songs were the glammiest covers ever! Can't wait to see Hardcore Superstar again!

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