18 December 1996

We want Kiss!We want Kiss!And...I wanted the best and I got it!
I had been queueing for them for 10 hours,spending time getting in full makeup (I'm the Starchild,mate!) and just talking to people.Then the gates oepened,i ran like hell and I got the front row,right against the barriers.Gene was less than one metre from me!WOW!!!So i saw them spit fire,spit blood,fire rockets from the guitars,and generally doing what only Kiss do best:play Rock And Roll!

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Your ticket to the show!

Meet KISS:Gene Simmons "The Demon",Paul Stanley "The Starchild",Ace Frehely "Space Ace",Peter Chriss "The Cat".

Isn't this a cool pic?We see Ace playing guitar and Paul on the mega-screen,all surrounded by a shade of blue that drives me crazy!
Paul and Ace doing their "Swinging around the guitar" trick!
Paul shouts it out loud!
The great KISS pyrotechnic exhibitions...don't we all love them?
Paul wanting us to join him!(Yeah,he's really addressing to YOU!Notice how he's looking right into my camera!!!)
Poor Ace!His fingers were so fast on the guitar that it caught fire!And then a rocket was fired from it!Well,a guitarist's life is always so interesting!
Gene Simmons looking for some inspiration
Paul and Ace swinging again!
Paul with a present from the audience,a BIG bra!I wonder if he collects was not the only one being thrown at him that night!
Gene Simmons:GOD OF THUNDER!

Accept no substitutes:he is the one and only!

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