There he is,the God of Thunder.(and the Punisher!!!)
Gene looks down at the crowd while Paul and Ace entertain themselves with very cool lights!
A big fog invades the stage...with its cool lights!The fuzzy image you see on the big screen is due to the 3D effect:when they told you so,you'd have to wear the 3D glasses and you'd see stuff like Paul throwing picks at YOU,Paul hitting you with his drumsticks,or,much more frightening,Gene's tongue reaching out of the screen to touch you!*shiver*...
Two clearly mentally deranged people at the concert.Let's see if you recognize the owner of this very homepage...(hint:I like anyone who is associated to The Punisher!).
In the background:Kiss are still playing!
Peter Criss and his WAY COOL drumset:at a certain point,it just raised itself in the air and shifetd towards the audience!He played his solo set with the drumkit standing over the first rows!!!
Peter wants YOU!
Paul wanted his sideshow trick, he held himself tight against a pole and,just like Tarzan,he went from the stage to the mixer box,in the middle of the crowd!And played Love Gun!!!!
Paul going back to the stage.See how cool it was?And,look at how crowded the venue was.Yeah,it was sold out,as if this was an unusal thing for Kiss!They rule!
Gene.He was wearing an armour outfit designed by ToddMcFarlane,the famous comic artist.In this pic,Gene looks exaclty like the action figure which is out for ToddMcFarlane toys.Those action figures rule!!!Go get them!
I moved down into the crowd for the I could get some confetti when they started falling down!It was a real shower!
All the red things you see are confetti!!!What a cool way to end a show!!!
And here are all the cool net friends I met there...left to right:on the back,Luka "The Metallian",Alby,DanieleP,Enrico "The Muffin Man".Front:Gabriele (yes,he likes Peter Criss),Eliana (don't stuck your eyes on her,she's with Luka!),and me!
We're all still wearing the 3D glasses,hoping to see some long tongue still pointing at us!

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