19 June 1998

They are back!They are back!The Misfits were back,at last!!!I had been waiting for this concert for a looong time!I can't really say that I had been waiting since Danzig split,cause at the time (14 years ago!) I was still a kid...but,let's just say I was waiting for this,as The Misfits are my favourite punk band...
Their album "American Psycho" showed the world that they were still the best,and the new singer Michael Graves had the voice of a god....but unfortunately he was not touring with the band in this tour!!!He had previous arrangements and could not do it.That was a let down!They got Mike Hideous on board,,but he wasn't half as good as Michael was.It was a great show anyway,even if I had very little film roll so I took only few pics,of which only 3 came out well...

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Doyle at the guitar.His hairstyle is unique!Oh,well,the whole band's hairstyle is great!
Jerry Only.Has a body like a statue,but he doesn't play as if his fingers were made of marble.His fingers were so fast on the bass!And he's a great guy,too,after the show talked a lot with all the fans who were there!
Mike Hideous,looking possessed.Pity he's hiding his mouth with the mic,cause his canines were actually cut in a way he looked like a vampire!Scary!

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