18 June 1999

Ah...what a show!I had been waiting for this concert for ages (ok,for a whole year,since the previous Misfits show was held exactly 364 days before this!) and I was ready to rock with Michale Graves back in the singing position...I went there fully dressed up (loads of gel,good quip,black liner on my eyelids...) and enjoyed myself.They played loads of new songs from not-out-yet album (titles including Lost in Space and Saturday Night,for instance,and they are all ace!). Sadly the end of the show was REALLY screwed up by some drunk fuckers (yes,please forgive me the language,but that's what they were/and what they are still now,I'm sure).When Michale threw the microphone to the audience at the end of the set,some drunk idiots rushed there to setal it.They were obviously stopped by the roadies,but they thought it was their right to steal anything off the stage,so they started a fight with the roadies.Doyle and Michale came back and threatened the fuckers,and they worked it out cause they are REALLY scary... But the feeling was compromised,the band did not come out to meet the audience apart from Jerry Only,the best man in music,who was very humble and came out for us anyway.To thank him,other idiots thought well to steal some spikes off the drumkit and,to top it all,one even went there and pulled Jerry's hair hardly.I was so PLEASED when other fiends got to him and kicked the shit out of him.His girlfriend had to save him,how manly...
Well,let's forget about this and concentrate on the show and the pics...hope you like them,cause these are among the best pics I've ever taken!!!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Here's Michale Graves.Great-looking guy,and a voice to match his looks.No one was even thinking of the word "Danzig" when he started singing,he's SO good!
This is my fave band pic ever!!!It's so hard to catch Doyle on a pic,cause he's always moving around!And I caught him and Jerry!Wow!
Jerry Only in all his fiendiness.His bass looks great,both in shape and in headstock...that cyclop skull is so cool!
Some red light all over Doyle and Michale while they were playing "Blacklight"!They played a good mix of songs,both new (American Psycho),old and newer (from the new album,still unnamed!).
A bit shaky pic,but Michale was always moving around,he got a very good stage presence!
Jerry was moving,too.Or it was me,being contantly hit by pogoing people (I pogoed myself during the last songs,and stagedove to the notes of Die Die My Darling,even losing a shoe and ending up jumping around bare-footed!)
Jerry and Michael together!They both agreed to play the "challenge the band" game-they asked the audience what they wanted to hear and they played it!Even the most obscure songs from the past,they know them all with no need to rehearse!I was screaming "Hellnight",but maybe my voice is not as thundering as the one of some ogres in the venue...
Here are the three misfits!I know that they are four,but drummer Dr. Chud is always constantly hidden behind the titanic drumkit!!!
Michale gets naked for us.A friend made me notice how outreaching his nipples are.Erm,ok...thought I'd share the observation with you!

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