06 June 1999

The Gods of Metal of this year was not as good as the previous years.Split into two days and costing much more even for just one day,it featured way too many bands who had played at the festival just two years ago.And most of them were power/classic metal bands,not exactly my taste.I had resolved not to go there,but a friend (Teo!Thanks!) managed to bribe a guy in the Biohazard crew (Biohazard was playing the first day) so he got a pass for me for the second day!
So I was very excited about it,cause on the second day there were Manowar and Motorhead and Wasp!Sadly Wasp cancelled at the last moment :(
The bands before Motorhead (Angra,Hammerfall and 6 others) were not so good for me,so I spent my time...backstage!Yeah the pass was a ALL-areas pass,I could even get ON the stage for one song during one of the smaller bands!10.000 people in front of me,cool!
The Manowar pics did not come out cause I had a problem with the camera,but here we have the Motorhead pics at least!!!!Enjoy!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

This is a pic taken backstage just seconds before the band got onstage!When Lemmy walked past us,everyone was silent,in a kind of religious reverence to this real God of Metal!I was actually the only one brave enough to take a pic of him at that moment!Everyone was scared!!!AH,but I do this and more for my cool visitors of the page!

Motorhead started out very well,with Lemmy giving the finger to Manowar and saying "We are motorhead and we'll kick your ass".Then he said that Manowar told all the bands to play only at 75% of the full noise potential,so their set would be deafening as usual (it's the only thing I don't like about Manowar,other than that,it's pure worship).Lemmy put the amplis at the loudest level!Put them on 11,as Spinal Tap would teach!

Sorry if the pics are a bit far but I was very far away from the stage!Next time I'll ask my friend to get a photo-pass,too! :-)

But I can always manage to get some kind of closeup anyway,thanks to my GREAT and loved camera!!!Now you can see better Lemmy's face!

See him sing out loud!See his guitarist hammer it loud!They really blew my ears off!

Same as above :-)
They played a very good set,with a flaming Born to Raise Hell shining over the other songs!The crowd really liked it!

And in the encores,they played Ace of Spades and Overkill.In this last song,a big surprise kicked in:James Hetfield of Metallica got onstage and had a duet with Lemmy (you can see him showing us his back in the pic)!It was very cool and a big surprise,seeing how posers Metallica have become (I still wonder what they were doing on the Gods of Metal bill,headlining the first day...they can be Gods of Pop now,but metal...).
The crowd really roared at him,but Lemmy stole the stage anyway.And then,the sad surprise:I rushed backstage to take a pic of James,just for old times' sake.But,what did he do?He went offstage with TWO bodyguards!I bet he was really afraid of the TEN people waiting for him...and he did not even look at us,just went away smiling like hhe was a god.Lemmy is,you are nothing mr. Hetfield,nothing but a commercial whore nowadays.Rust in peace.MOTORHEAD RULE!

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