Murphy's Law

24 April 1998

NY hardcore at its best!!!When I first started listening to Murphy's Law,sometime in '96,I was always enjoying their music and sighing,cause I was sure they'd never come to Italy for a tour...and instead they surprised me and they did!
They rule,rule rule!The second they got onstage I realized it,cause there were barriers at the front and Jimmy shouted out loud "What is this shit?I want no barriers between me and my friends!",so as soon as he started singing the first,bone-shattering song,he jumped offstage and started kicking the barriers away until we,his friends,gave him a hand and got rid of them all,so we could start stagediving,just as he liked it!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Jimmy Gestapo gets as hardcore as one can get!I loved it!
Since there were no barriers,the audience was invited onstage to sing along and have a party!Look at how cool it all was!(The bearded guy above Jimmy is my friend Enrico "The Muffin Man",the guy who got me into Murphy's Law!Cheers mate!)
Drummer Luigi introduces himself.And he does it speaking Italian!Way to go,Paisą!He said he was very very happy to be in his fathers' country,it was aneat thing to say.And he told us not to tell him he was a bit overweight,cause...
...seconds later he stagedove on us!!!THAT was something heavy!
And the stagediving crazyness hit us all,here you see me surfing around (sadly my head was covered by aother guy's head!But that's me,and I'm proud of it!)

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