15 December 1998

I was fucked by Nashville Pussy!Well,at least that's what there's written on the back of the t-shirt I bought at the concert.Surely they fucked my ears so nice,I felt compelled to buy their cds on the spot!
This band really kicks ass,and it's good to know they are getting more and more famous,with media supporting them,cause after all the band was formed in order to contrast the crap rap and general bad music that's popular these days,and god knows how much we need someone to deliver us from that evil!
So,they play good,old,dirty ROCK AND ROLL,and they do it damn well!I was mesmerized by them onstage (especially by bassist Corey,who had me literally under her heels,as you'll see in the pics...),cause they have great tunes,and great riffs,and they spit fireballs and they have a lesbian kiss and some more sexually-related stuff...but mostly it's their music which counts,and the music is great!Not to talk of them as people...after the show they were so friendly,we talked for a long time and Jeremy (the drummer...sorry if he is not in any one of the pics!) kept offering me beer and i kept accepting!It was way cool!I hope to be fucked by them again soon!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Corey Parks and her cool bass!She's wearing a jacket cause it was cold,in the club...
I took this close up so you could see better the writings on the guitar... :-)
Blaine and his wife/guitarist Ruyter while raising hell...
And hotter than hell it was!Corey started sweating so she removed the jacket,showing us all her GREAT tattoos...i especially loved the one on her underbelly.But don't you dare think she is just goodlooking...she plays the bass as a goddess,her fingers were so fast on it!
Ruyter was hot,too.See her in her solo action!
After announcing it with "Now it's the time,motherfuckers...",Blaine erupts into their hit "Go motherucker Go"!
Here you can have a better look at Corey's bass.And,er,tattoo,too!"EAT ME",it says...I'd love to see where it all ends!
Say hello to Ruyter!
Another look at yet another Corey's tattoo.Blaine was hammering on his guitar...pity it was cut out of the pic!
Ruyter gets ready for some beer...and DAMMIT!The film ended here,so I could not show you all how she likes her beer...that's quite a show,actually.You'd better go out and check Nashvlle Pussy next time they're in town,to find it by yourself.

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