03 December 2003

Ok, I'll admit it in front of a jury of my peers, I truly think that Nickelback's "The long road", their latest album, was the real surprise of 2003 for me. I wasn't expecting something so heavy, some of the songs on it sound like Metallica should play if they had evolved from the Black Album, instead of putting their heads up their arses.
So, well, I was really looking forward to this gig, I wanted to test the live performance of the Canadian quartet, and I wasn't disappointed at all. 75 minutes of good heavy music, and pyros! Sounds like a good night out to me!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

An overall sight of the stage-setting. They had an impressive set of lights, and a nicely-designed stage, with the drumkit being on top of it all. So mr. Ryan Vikedal could get a good look at the crowd!
Now, from left to right on the stage: meet guitarist Ryan Peake. He's often playing a Flying-V.
Chad Kroeger, singer and guitarist. Of course.
Mike Kroeger, bass player and Chad's brother. And monkey-man, judging from this pic. LOL.
Here's a closeup on Mike, to do him justice. He's a nice guy, very down to earth too!
For the song "Someday" the band needed an additional guitarist, and so out of the blue came this guy (I think it's a roadie?) who sat behind Chad and played acoustic guitar. It was ace!
Here you can get a good idea of the stage-sitting and the drumkit. You can even see Ryan V. in the distance!
Some more Chad. Look at how many guitar picks he has! And he threw them all to the audience once the gig was over! Now, that's being generous!
Oh, and I was almost forgetting to mention the three microphones he had in front of him. Maybe that's a bit greedy of him? :-)
The song required some extra passion in the vocal department, so he let go of the guitar and started screaming...
There was also time for an acoustic moment, with three acoustic guitars playing at once! They performed "Hero" out of the SpiderMan soundtrack, and "Feelin' way too damn good" like this.
And then, there was also time for pyros! They showed them off randomly all throughout the show, and it was a very great sight. Drove the crowd nuts! Wise move.

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