22 August 1996

This is one gig I am really proud of going to.I was in London and I knew I could not afford going to the Reading Festival,and I was a bit sad cause The Offspring would be playing there. So,the day before the festival I buy Kerrang and see that The Offspring are gonna play a secret gig in London!I rushed to the place and got my ticket.And I say WOW every time I think of that night...the Camden Underworld is a fantastic club,and it was packed of people,and Social Distortion played a great set...then The Offspring got in and all hell broke loose!They were still fresh from the Smash tour and had a lot of raw energy!I am glad I saw them that night,they were playing at their best.
If you wanna read the review of the gig Kerrang made,click here.

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The ticket!!!

Social Distortion.They are punk kings!!!It was high time people started noticing them!
A closeup on Mike Ness.I was told that if you look at him froma distance,he looks blue cause he is totally covered in tattoos.And that's true!And,I love his tattoos!
Here are The Offspring!Notice that Dexter Holland still had dreadlocks...this means I saw them when they were at their best!Since that hairstyle went,they start going a bit downhill!!! :-)
There were no barriers and the stage was very low,so the stagediving activity was no-stop!
They were surely playing "Self Esteem",judging by the audience's signs...
Dexter stagedove on us!Just when I had decided to go down in the moshpit,he jumped offstage!Sorry forr the fuzzy pic,but it's not easy to click while a guy is about to fall on your head!

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