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20 November 1998

I fell in love with Placebo mainly for their punkish songs I had heard in September 1997, like Nancy Boy and 36 Degrees. That,and the fact that in August I had met Brian Molko without knowing him :)
Actually, I later found out that in Summer 96 Placebo had played live at a festival I had gone to (Sonoria), but there were so many stages that I missed them (and at the time I had not heard of them yet anyway), cause I was busy watching the Presidents of the U.S.A.! I don't regret it cause after all the Presidents have split up now, while Placebo are still around to kick ass, so I could check them out when they played on this "Without you I'm nothing" Tour. The gig was really good, even if I was expecting the band to be much more lively (they kinda stayed glued to their places all the time, and Brian seemed a bit depressed! - I was hoping for round two of their much-famed and excessive "Blood and Spunk" tour). Anyway,the best performance was given during "My sweet prince", it was really moving. Great concert.

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Here's your ticket to get in,dear Sir,or Madame,or Modern Monkey...

The Band!From left to right:Steve Hewitt (drums),Brian Molko (sweet voice and guitar) and Stefan Olsdal (bass)
Brian and his guitar! He kept switching between guitars, actually I don't think he ever played two songs in a row with the same guitar.
Stefan and his bass. He switched between instruments too, but not as much as Brian did!
Another "whole band" pic, even if this timw Stefan is showing us his shoulders.
Brian singing "Ask for answers"...
...and for you Brian-Molko-obsessed fans here is a closeup! :-)
This is "Lady of the Flowers". You can tell it cause Stefan is at the keyboards! It's a bass-free and guitar-free song!
Ladyoftheflowers again...notice that white vynil tape hanging from Brian's ear...I wonder what it is!
Stefan hanging out with the crowd while playing "Evil Dildo". Quite an original way to end off the show, with the creepy, instrumental ghost track from their album!
Stefan towering over Brian! (I tell you, Stefan is a giant!!! Almost one foot taller than me,it seems!)
These are three fuzzy pics-but I think they look nice anyway!
And finally, a photo of me and Brian! It was taken in September 98 while he was in Italy promoting the new album. If you wanna read a funny story about me and Brian, check out this link!

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