28 October 2000

The Halloween ball couldn't get better: I was in London and I went to see "The horror of Rachel Stamp". A custom-made concert for the occasion. And before the gig I met some great gals off the Wildhearts mailing list, then we all moved to the Decadence club which is the best club in the world. What more could I ask for?

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

The macabre intro: people wearing egyptian ritual clothes. Was pretty scary, really! Or at least it was for a drunk guy!
The band got onstage all made-up too, it was quite a show! Here you can see all of them, more or less: (from left) Will Crewdson at the guitar, David Ryder-Prangley at the bass/vocals, Shaheena Dax at the keyboards.
And now you have a better chance to see Robin Guy's fuzzy and furry drumkit. If you wanna see a good pic of Robin, go to the Sack Trick pics page!
David and Shaheena. Sorry for the low quality of the photo, it was real dark in there, to go with the mood of the circus of horrors...
Ah, but now you get a good shot of Warren and his bat-belt.
And here is THE SCOOP! David's bare ass! Girls, look at it closely, since it's quite a pretty one! And in general, David is a great guy. If Kiss ever need a replacement for Paul Stanley, they'd better call David, since he looks and acts and sings as divinely as Paul.
Warren and his sculpted hairstyle. Notice the banner behind him, announcing the Horror of Rachel Stamp. It was sweet sweet horror. I want more.
... and then we (me and Rachel Stamp... even if, not together!) went to the Decadence Club, the best club in the world. It's in Dean Street in London, halfway between Oxford Street and Leicester Square. Check it out on Saturdays. It rules. (Here I am in the pic, entering the dancefloor!)
A sample of the fine people you can see at Decadence. Actually that night, apart from me and Rachel Stamp, there were also members of The Offspring, Alex Kane of AntiProduct, and some other london-based glamrock stars (SonicBoom Boys for example). And, no, it's not an "exclusive" club. Stars go there just cause it's the best place in town, easy, right?

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