24 April 1999

This was a good fun gig.As usual,I shall thank the club Binario Zero for making all these concerts just for 10.000 lire (around 6 dollars),so I can check out bands like this!
The singer kept stagediving on MY head,and I kept getting smashed against him when people wanted to touch him!D'oh!The bass player seemed to be having a great time,too,he was dancing all the time!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Here's the band!Seems they are all having a good time!And,hey,look,Kenwyn,at the guitar,is using a slide!Cool!
Now,here's something you don't see that often:a drummer standing behind the drumkit...playing the acoustic guitar!!!Yeah,Dominic played a whole song as a guitarist,and no one was drumming!But who cares,the song was very good actually!See also how inspired Gary and Jack were!
Gary got jealous and said he wanted to play the acoustic guitar,too!!! :-)
Gary seconds before jumping over my head...he always even kept the microphone with him!
Jack,playing in front of me.Luckily he didn't jump over,too!The bass would have caused some problems to my already bruised body!

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