14 June 1999

For once,I have to thank MTV!Thank it for the free show it put up!They were recording a live set for MTV Italy and they were giving tickets for free,only to the first 300 people to get there...I queued up for 3 hours but I managed to get the pass!
The show was not a mere 4-song showcase,it was a sweaty 80 minutes of Red Hot Chili Peppers singing,playing,soloing,drumming and having fun!They are better than ever,now that John Frusciante is back into the band!They really amazed me!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

I was an MTV guest,apparently!Cool!

Great,I managed to get a band pic!!!I love them!So I can introduce the band properly:from left,Flea at the bass,Anthony Kiedis with the mic,Chad Smith at the drums and John Frusciante at flaming guitars!
See how much Anthony is concentrating on the singing...well,it was a hard bit he was doing:"Giveitaway,giveitaway,giveitawayNOW!" :)
Look at the man on the far right:in the pics,he looks like he's holding the ampli on his shoulders,LOL!!!
A closeup on Anthony.Look at his new hairstyle,it's pretty cool,don't you think?
Here's the whole band again,but this time they conspired against me and they are all hiding their face!!!It's a pity,cause they spent most of the set smiling and having a happy face,especially Chad!
A closeup on John.This man got on a trip in the seventies and he's not out of it yet!Phased-out expression on his face,seventies clothes,and a taste (and ability) for guitar playing that was thought long lost in time!
Another good pic a bit spoiled by the big bush of curly hair that was standing before me...

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