2 December 1996

It was the fourth time I was seeing Sepultura that year,and I had to travel 300 miles to see them.But it was well worth it,they put up a great show.And,sadly it was also the last one I'd see of them.Of them with Max,at least.He left the band 10 days later.Well,during the show there were disporders with police and I was almost killed,but it was such a GREAT fun! (Probably someone will be now wondering what my idea of fun is...).And the music was loud and intense.I thoguht my ears would explode!(That's cause I was a bit too near the ampli...)

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

My ticket.Signed by Max.I waited for them after the show,and managed to catch him for like a second...

Max Cavalera beating his chest,trying those creepy voice to get even creepier...
A "whole band" pic,even if half of them are covered by their own hair!From the left:Paulo's hair,Max's hair,Andreas Kisser (clearly visible,at last!) and Igor,hidden by the drumkit.
Max Cavalera.
Max again,shadowing me and concetrating on his guitar solo.
And now it's Andreas,the one towering over me.A man and his guitar.I love this pic.
Andreas playing drums in the big jam that is "Ratamahatta".Everyone,including supporting bands,goes onstage and plays drums!
Talking about drums,here is the great Sepultura drummer,Igor Cavalera!

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