18-19 August 1997

Well,what can I say?I LOVE Tampasm!I was in Uk on holiday,and went to see them,and fell in love for the music,the band and the people in it,so I eventually travelled some miles and went to see them the following night,too!I even dedicated my first homepage to them,rush to the TAMPASM SHRINE to know more (you now you want to...).Now have fun with their pics.And keep praying they'll come back together one day.

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18 August 1997-Fisio And Firkin,Leicester

Charlotte is smashing the mic on this poor guy's head.Well,ok,she's not,but it looks like it anyway.And it's very ironic that that poor guy turned out to be a net user,and found his pic on my Tampasm page!So...hello Shane!
Jennifer,playing her bass like a goddess...
This pic is too dark,but i thought it'd conveyed a cool "concert mood" anyway.You can see a fuzzy Oli playing a guitar solo.

19 August 1997-Rock Exposure Cafè,Birmingham

Charlotte angrily singing in a very nice oufit,while Oli is hammering it on the guitar!
Jennifer...she has great piercings,I loved them all!I was actaully about to get a piercing like the one on her sectum,but then saw it cost too much and didn't do it.Luckily,cause she later said she had to remove it cause it didn't heal properly.
Oli in her guitar-solo beauty!
And now for some "heavy metal"...Oli and Jen do a "guitar duel",soloing it out during "Talk Dirty To Me".Yes,a Poison cover.They are great,aren't they?
And stop looking under Oli's skirt!
The tracklist!And remember,if you want to know mroe about Tampasm,visit the one and only TAMPASM SHRINE,approved by the band!!!

For any comment,suggestion,or whatever you might want to tell me,my email is: thepunisher@antisocial.com

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