25 November 1999

Everyone had told me that Therapy? had gone back to their punkish roots after the escapades of "softer" (well ok not SO soft anyway!) albums (I blame it on the labels anyway!). So I really wanted to see them in this tour, which followed the release of "Suicide pact - you first" (GREAT NAME!). And the occasion became unmissable thanks to Diamond Dave, their roadie (and former Tampasm roadie... see, Tampasm fans still help each other!). He let me in for free at the show... which made everything even greater :)

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Meet the band: Michael McKeegan at the bass, Andy Cairn at voice and guitar, Martin McCarrick at the guitar (well, more an electric violin-thingy right in this pic!). Due to my lateral position, I couldn't include in my shots Graham Hopkins, the drummer, but all hails to him too!

The band, again, in their more typical stage-storming positions.

Martin got rid of the hat (which was a pretty cool one in my opinion, anyway!) and Andy did the same (and that one was NOT so cool... I was glad he removed it and showed his sweaty long hair!).

Andy is eating the microphone, in the mayhem caused by their songs (in this case,it was Troublegum itself... you can figure the mess in the audience!)

Michael McKeegan got a bit closer to the audience to play his solo. He was having a great time, he kept repeating he was having "a GREAT time" and that we were "fun-fuckin-tastic"! Actually it looked like these were the only words he knew (and let alone Italian!), since at a certain point,after the umpteenth "You're fan-fuckin-tastic!" he said "See,I am at a loss for words!".

Andy enjoying a crowd-bath. In the encores, they made some members of the audience sing the whole songs "He's not that kind of girl" and "Nowhere" (especially after they had funnily introduced the first one saying that Rico, their supporter, was a girl before getting a penis attached...). It was a great way to end a show and please fans!!! Well done!

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