15 June 1997

The Teste vuote ossa rotte (in english,it would be "Empty heads,smashed bones") festival is the best punk festival we have here in Italy,evevn if it pales if compared to the Warped Tour.Actually most of the bands on the bill were in the Warped Tour in the USA,too,so we were surely treated to a great show!I couldn't take many pics cause,er,I was drunk :)
And I didn't take pics of the last bands cause I had finished the roll and I also had to go home a bit earlier (home was 170 miles away...),cause the following day I had an exam!

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

The ticket to get in!As you'll notice,there were some changes to the lineup...but we gained!I was so thrilled to see Toy Dolls instead of Goldfinger!

Klass Kriminale's bass player.They are an talian band and it was the first time I was seeing them,and they were very good!
The Toy Dolls!!!WOW!I would never dream of seeing them live,I thought they'd only tour in japan or something!Their show was great!Here you see them getting naked...NOT!Just removing shirts...
Toy doll Olga.Funny guy.He lives in London,wish I'll stumble into him next time I'm there!
New Bomb Turks.What a band!They totally mesmerized me!It was the first time I was seeing them,and I wish they will be touring in Italy again soon!!!The singer is great,he trashed the place,jump everywhere...and,during a solo,all sweaty and panting,he got offstage and kissed me!LOL!
Turks again.Be sure to check them out if they tour near you...
Voodoo Glow Skull.They played good ska/punk music,but then they had to take it one step further...they got totally naked,all SIX of them!My god,I was a bit embarassed,you could not help staring!And I was in the first row..but luckily the singer didn't come down to kiss me!
This is the great party that happened during the Agnostic Front set.I stagedove like a madman,kept going up and doan and up and down...then went to the back just when the real stage invasion began!Pity!

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