18 December 2000

I did it again... saw Tyla again tonight! :-)
There were many more people and he got down to playing some encores too. And he listened to MY request and sang "I don't want you to go"! I'm in heaven...

If you wanna know more about the Italian mini-tour, go to Morgana's Page
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(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

Starting off a gig with a glass of Italian wine is just what everyone needs...
Can you tell the club was called "Rock House"? :-)
Ok, getting hot now, better remove the jacket.
So we can see better Tyla's cool tattoos! Ahhh... he's such an Artist.
Ok I can't resist now... here is a small file of Tyla asking the audience what we wanna hear. The guy screaming the winning song is me!!!!! WOOOOW!
He's playing that song right now in this pic.
And finishing the gig off with a whole bottle of wine is even cooler...

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