17 December 2000

Ahhhhhh....... just divine. Tyla playing an acoustic gig for free in a small bar in Italy. Life is good sometimes.
(Made me completely forget about the show that was going on in London that same evening... SilveGinger 5 playing for an orgiastic audience... I'll see them next time)

If you wanna know more about the Italian mini-tour, go to Morgana's Page
To check out pics from the following date of the tour, click here!

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The man and his guitar.
A cool closeup. Seems like wine and cigarettes have stayed, as good habits from the past.
During "Princess Valium" an idiot made his mobile phone ring and Tyla looked up and smiled and changed part of the song's lyrics. Now we know that Princess Valium didn't have a fucking mobile phone. Cool one man!
Then he asked the audience what we wanted to hear, and loads of people shouted at once different songs (I wanted "I don't want you to go"!). To which he replied "Hey I said just one song, not my whole fucking discography!", and went on playing an obscure track... that's style.
Even got his harmonica out and became a one-man band!
Oh, and the new Dogs D'Amour album ROCKS. He played one song tonight ("Rollover") and it was great. Go get it!
Mr. Tyla, we meet at last! (After missing him last year in London) What can I say. He's very friendly. And I gave him the pics I took of him in London. Hopefully he liked them.

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