The Vandals


15 October 1997

This concert scores among my "top 3 best concerts I've ever been to".Everything was perfect:the band,the place,the crowd,and for once even the supporting band!
So,the band.The band are The Vandals,I had seen them twice already,but every time I have agreat time,and they never ever lost the fun they get from playing live.They were in Italy supporting No Doubt,but they decided to play this sercret headlining gig,too!The place... I had never been there and it's a cool club set in the middle of nowhere,20 miles from my home.It was hard to find,but great once inside.The,it was overcrowded!Packed to the ceiling!And they were all "real" punkers,no fake wannabes or trendies.They were here to see Tha Vandals and Shandon.Shandon,the supporting band...they are surely the best italian punkbillyskacore band!They rule!I am sorry I took no pics of them!But try to check them out if they tour near you!(Or ask me for more info about them,I love talking about these great guys!)
I guess I've talked too much,uhu?But this was really a great concert.

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Meet The Vandals!!!Left-to-right,you'll see Joe and his bass,Josh and his drums,Warren and his guitar,and finally Dave and his mic!
Dave Quackenbush checking out that the crowd is singing along well with them.They actually did the coolest thing I have ever seen at a concert.It was called "challenge the band" and they'd pick someoneo from the crowd and he could ask ANY song from ANY Vandals album,and they'd play it!Only the greatest artists can do this!They didn't even soundcheck,cause they knew what the music they play sounds like!This challenge was done 5 times,and they surely got some weird requests!!!All kudos to them!
Warren Fitzgerald,mighty guitarist/singer/jester.You can't help loving this guy,he's clearly having such a good time when he's onstage!And also when he's offstage,too!He likes getting naked while playing Spice Girls or Aqua covers!Ahahahah!Thumbs up!
Joe Escalante.H's pretty mad,too,even if you can't match Warren's madness!
And here's Josh!This is one of the few "guy behind drums" pic I ever managed to take,usually drums are so big and high that they hide the mighty drummer himself!
Warren performing his solo.I've already said it:Thumbs up,mate!!!

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