13 August 19968

Well,what can I say?I was in Uk,read Kerrang and...The Vandlas!They were playing near where I was!What better place to see them for the fourth time in my life?It was a cool show,even if after that me and my friends had to sleep in a park in the open in BIrmingham,the most dangerous city in England (or so they say).But who cares,we had just seen the Vandals!
A curious thing is that the drummer,that night,was not Josh,but No Doubt's drummer Adrian!I wonder what was up!And the pick up there...when i went onstage to stagedive,I just grabbed it and jumped! :-)

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Dave Quackenbush heating up the crowd,singing "My girlfriend's dead".Not that the crowd needed to be heated up,cause the pit was already hellish!
Warren Fitzgerald and his famous one-second-long solo!If all solos were like this...
Now Warren took the mic and sang "I have a date",and the crowd got crazy!!!
Just look at how crazy it all became!Look at the guy on the right,for instance.The one with the Ramones t-shirt.He's about to stagedive,just after he stole Waren's guitar pick!His face is the face of a madman!
And things got so crazy,that Warren fell and also cut his knee!Poor guy!This didn't stop him from climbing on the amplis and finish the song in such a position!
Now he's even jumping around,while Dave plays his guitar!And you can also see the jaw of No Doubt's Adrian!What a thrill,huh? :-)

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