20 June 2001

So the day came. The band I thought I could never see live, was back together again and I flew all the way to London (never travelled so far just for one gig!) to catch them. Ladies and Gentlemen... The Wildhearts!!! I got into them some time before their Endless Nameless cd came out, followed by the infamously interrupted tour (reason of the interruption: band splitting up and band members almost OD-ing...), and I have loved them ever since, with the bittersweet feeling that I would never see them live. Instead they came back together. Wow! :-) Ginger, Cj, Stidi and Danny McCormack started off the reunion tour, but halfway through Danny had to quit again and was replaced by AntiProduct bassist Toshi, who used to be in a Wildhearts tribute band back in Japan... how handy!

Wildhearts / Ginger official site:
Excellent source of info on the Wildhearts and other British rock bands:
Insightful interview i did with Ginger after the tour was over (dated December 2001):

(click on the thumbnail to get the bigger image)

This is the best photo I could ever imagine getting of Ginger... I was still in shock about this opportunity to see the band live!
Here He sings with all his passion. He has an awesome Japanese tatoo on his forearm, if any Japanese visitor of this site can tell me what it says, I'd be very thankful!
He's looking a bit pale, isn't he? In the background, Stidi hammering it out on the drums.
CJ! He's a real star... got better and better trhough the years. Join the worship!
Here Ginger was sitting back on the ampli and letting the whole audience sing out the first part of "Weekend". I tell you, I had never been before at a gig where the WHOLE audience knew the whole words to every single song that was played out. It was amazing, having the band in front of me, and like 3000 people doing backing vocals behind me. Only the Wildhearts can pull out a trick like this... long live the 'hearts!

(If you want to see how the gig had begun, ie the AntiProduct supporting slot, just click here)

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